King Pieon DM-100C

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The King Pieon DM-100C is a low-cost and low power consumption premise protection unit. It is special for monitoring the door or windows, once the door or windows opened, will activate the King Pieon DM-100C and send the signal to the alarm panel to alarm. The DM-100C adopts power-saving technology, using #7 batteries. When the battery power capacity less than 40% percent, the Low voltage LED indicator will flash to alert


  • Working Voltage: 3V(2 AAA battery);
  • Battery Life: About 1 year (counted at 3 times each day);
  • Wireless Frequency : 433 MHZ
  • Transmission Range: 100m
  • Working Current (mA): less than 15mA
  • Static Current(uA): less than 5uA
  • Installation Method: Wall-mounted by Screw.
  • Size: Transmitter part: (HxWxD) 100x30x26mm.  Magnet part: 60X23*10mm
  • Applications: For indoor use. door or windows, etc.

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